Nicolae Iorga

Nicolae Iorga

Biography Nicolae Iorga (1871 - 1940)

Romanian hostorian si literary critic

Was born on 17 jan 1871.
Died on 27 nov 1940, at 69 years old.
Origin country România
Quotes by Nicolae Iorga

Romanian historian, university professor, literary critic, memorialist, playwright, poet and politician.
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Quotes Nicolae Iorga

Nicolae Iorga

Laziness is a gentle suicide.

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Quote by Nicolae Iorga about laziness
Nicolae Iorga

It is not difficult to find the truth, it is hard to have...

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Quote by Nicolae Iorga about truth
Nicolae Iorga

You can admire what you did not understand completely,...

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Quote by Nicolae Iorga about love
Nicolae Iorga

Wisdom is a merchandise and the one who sells it means...

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Quote by Nicolae Iorga about wisdom

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