Mihail Sadoveanu

Mihail Sadoveanu

Biography Mihail Sadoveanu (1880 - 1961)

Romanian novelist and political figure

Was born on 05 nov 1880.
Died on 19 oct 1961, at 80 years old.
Origin country România
Quotes by Mihail Sadoveanu
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Quotes Mihail Sadoveanu

Mihail Sadoveanu

Freedom is mainly the force Force to remove the influence...

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Quote by Mihail Sadoveanu about liberty, force, police, influence, instinct, interest, use
Mihail Sadoveanu

Each age has its paradise, which loses, in the end.

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Quote by Mihail Sadoveanu about age, paradise, olderness, end
Mihail Sadoveanu

I have always liked to drink wine with my friends. Only...

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Quote by Mihail Sadoveanu about solitude, wine, drinking, love
Mihail Sadoveanu

ilusion and dream arethe foundation of our soul.

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Quote by Mihail Sadoveanu about delusion, dream, soul

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