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Lucia Olaru Nenati, Poet, novelist

Lucia Olaru Nenati

Lucia Olaru Nenati

Biography Lucia Olaru Nenati (1949)

Poet, novelist

Was born on 20 feb 1949.
Origin country România
Quotes by Lucia Olaru Nenati

Areas of Interest:
Culture, museography, education, literature (poetry, prose, essays, children literature), literary history, literary criticism, translations, journalism, music.

PhD in Romanian Literature, "University Al. I. Cuza", 2002; BA in Romanian and Latin, "University Al. I. Cuza"; 1972, Graduate Certificate in Journalism, University of Chico, California, 1995.

Professional Experience:
Member of the Professional Writers’ Union and of the Professional Journalists Union of Romania; former professor at the Teacher Training College of Botosani of the "Al.I.Cuza" University, Iasi; former journalist and director of "Gazette of Botosani"; former director of "Mihai Eminescu" Drama Theater of Botosani; former director of "Vasilache" Puppet Theater; museographer, former researcher and coordinator of "Mihai Eminescu" National Museum.

Literary Publications:
Published 23 books of poetry, prose, essays, children literature, literary research, musical albums (1975-2008): Itineraries; The Never-ending Customs; The Shadow of Cassandra; Alone, My Self; The Apprenticeship of Gold and Red; Singing Shells, The Hidden Glass Case (online book, Equivalence Publishing House, Netherlands); The Ark of Leaves (poetry); Winding Roads; The Corridors between Clocks (prose); When a Lady Bird Falls Asleep; Little Boys - Little Bells, Little Girls - Little Lights (children literature); From the Music of Poetry to the Poetry of Music (essay) accompanied by the musical audiocassette The Songs of Eminescu (a first reconstruction of the songs sung by the national poet Mihai Eminescu more than a century ago); Longing for Eminescu (musical album); George Voevidca, life and creation; Septentrional arcades, Publishing house of Romanian Academy (literary research).

More than 3000 articles, literary pieces, studies, interviews, chronicles, published in Romania and abroad. More than 35 antology and collective books.

Sumary of Critical Interpretation:
Many literary critics and writers cited and commented on Lucia Olaru Nenati’s work in journals, dictionaries and books of literary history and criticism. Among the essential characteristics of her work, they emphasized the profoundness and harmony of her poetry, the balance between classic and modern expression, archetypal themes, the prosodic virtuosity of her poetry, and her prose ability of catching both the general human features and significant details, and of creating memorable characters and unforgettable situations, in a captivating style. Her children literature is appreciated for its beauty, ingenuity, and educative virtues, while her essays and literary criticism are praised for their novelty, and her musical album for her surprising voice.

Prizes and Awards:
Over 50 prizes, awards, orders, medals, honors and excellence diplomas at literary national contests, literary salons, and other occasions among which: Prize II at the National Literary Contest, 1976; The Cultural Merit Order, 1984; The Memorial Medal "150 years anniversary since Mihai Eminescu’s birth" through the Decree of the president of Romania for "outstanding contribution to the promotion of Eminescu’s work", 2000; Premiul Uniunii Scriitorilor din Romania, 2008; other honors and distinctions for several literary genders, for literary criticism of Eminescu’s work, for musical interpretation and for the promotion of the romanian culture in the world.

Biographical reference in several dictionaries and publications such as Who’s Who of Cambridge: Dictionary of International Biography, 27-th edition, Outstanding People of Twentieth Century, edited by International Biographical Centre, 1999.
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