Liviu Rebreanu

Liviu Rebreanu

Biography Liviu Rebreanu (1885 - 1944)

Romanian novelist and dramatist

Was born on 27 nov 1885.
Died on 01 sep 1944, at 58 years old.
Origin country România
Quotes by Liviu Rebreanu
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Quotes Liviu Rebreanu

Liviu Rebreanu

If we know how to receive with an open soul the joys, if...

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Quote by Liviu Rebreanu about unhappiness, happiness, soul
Liviu Rebreanu

Talent is a divine gift from God, necessarily, but...

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Quote by Liviu Rebreanu about talent, work, gifts, art, god
Liviu Rebreanu

The conscience dictates your duty, not the laws...

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Quote by Liviu Rebreanu about conscience, duty
Liviu Rebreanu

Any pain has a cure. The dificulty is just to find it.

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Quote by Liviu Rebreanu about pain

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