Johnny Hampton

Johnny Hampton

Biography Johnny Hampton (1981)

American writer and military man

Was born on 06 jul 1981.
Origin country United States
Quotes by Johnny Hampton

Johnny Hampton is an incredible brilliant young talent out of Essex, Virginia. He has a myriad of wide and varied intelligence and a reflective platform of perfection. Unconventional, but an absolute master of conveying modern Western thought into a painted picture of terrific literature. A vivid expert who can truly be considered one of the best of his generation.

Born on July 6, 1981; Johnny’s road to greatness has taken many loops and turns. He attended Harlem High School, where he was a 3-time Varsity Track and Field athlete. He also studied French for two years. After graduating from High School, he went to Augusta Technical College, where he studied under the ‘Printing and Graphics’ program.

In 2002, Johnny Hampton was selected for AmeriCorps NCCC, a U. S. Government Organization that sends volunteers across the country to enhance unmet human needs, education and the environment.

Johnny has been a Resident Assistant (RA) for Barnes Hall on the AmeriCorps Capital Region Campus in Washington DC, where he coordinated 31 Corps Members to maintain a healthy living condition.

Within the AmeriCorps program, Johnny was a Capacity Builder and Community Council Representative. Also, Johnny was trained by the Department of the Interior’s National Park Service.

He served as an on-site Supervisor during Habitat For Humanity’s (Broward County, Florida) Collegiate Challenge, where 12 houses were built. Johnny Hampton received ’AmeriCorps NCCC Corps Member of the Month’ Award (January 2003).

Johnny was a Team Leader for Notre Dame University’s 2003 ‘National Youth Sports Program, ’ ( a five week Summer Camp for disadvantaged youth. ) Johnny was the Team Leader for Team 11, which consisted of 13 children.

On July 31, 2003, Johnny graduated from the AmeriCorps NCCC Capital Region Campus after giving 1, 819 hours of community service to the United States.

Johnny has traveled to 33 states within America. He has also lived abroad in Europe and Asia.

After the Author’s literary debut of ‘Im No Longer A God, ’ he enlisted in the United States Air Force. Years in Japan and California provided subsequent fodder for his second literary work, ‘The Other Years, ’ which highlights Johnny Hampton’s interesting journey in the Far East and his accounts of military life.

Currently, Johnny is using his top secret security clearance to do intelligence analyst work in South Korea with the United States Army.

In the course of human affairs, the ‘Johnny Hampton’ era will prove to be a significant one.
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