Ion Pop

Ion Pop

Biography Ion Pop (1941)

Romanian poet, literary historian and critic

Was born on 01 jul 1941.
Origin country România
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He was born in Mires Mare, Maramures. He is a professor, his name being linked Equinox literary magazine, which he ran for 17 years.
He received many awards: The Award of Writers Union from Romania in 1973, 1979, 1985, 2001 and the Romanian Academy Award in 1985.


Proposal for a fountain, 1966
My poor cleverness, 1969
Late grammar, 1977
Sun and forgetting, 1985
General postponing, 1990

Literary criticism:

Romanian poetic avant-gardism, 1969
Poetry of a generation, 1973
Transcripts, 1976
Nichita Stanescu. Space and the masks of poetry, 1980
Lucian Blaga, lyric universe, 1981
Fragmentated readings, 1983
The game of poetry, 1985
Avangarde of Romanian literature, 1990
To write and to be. Ilarie Voronca and metamorphosis of poetry, 1993
Revision, 1995
Transparent pages, 1997
French hours, Ajournement General, 1994
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Ion Pop

I say with all frankness and I must confess that my...

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