Ion Ochinciuc

Biography Ion Ochinciuc

Romanian novelist and playwright

Origin country România

Ion Ochinciuc was born on 20th of August, 1927 in the village Sculerii, Iasi County.
He graduated the "Gheorghe Lazar" highschool in Bucharest in 1946 and the Faculty of Philology in Bucharest in 1953. He Worked as librarian at General Council of ARLUS between 1950-1952 and he was editor of "New Age" between the years 1952-1955. He began working as publicist in 1952 and his first book- the novel "The Revenge Ophelia" was published in 1967.


The Revenge of Ophelia, 1967
Black Angel, 1969
Go home, you runaway!, 1970
Burgundian mask, 1971
Violet egret, 1972
The nights of colonel Barsan, 1973
A night in "Venus", 1974
Sword of Toledo, 1976
Unknown Soldier, 1977
Wedding Photography, 1981
The luck was lame, 1982
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