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Celebrations, 24 oct:
Stephen Covey Was born Stephen Covey.
Hugh B. Brown Was born Hugh B. Brown.
Adrian Mitchell Was born Adrian Mitchell.
Moss Hart Was born Moss Hart.
Was born Gheorghe Andrei.
Was born Olimpiu Balos.
Was born Ion Burnar.
Was born Gheorghe Gibescu.
Was born Cornel Moraru.
Was born Tia Serbanescu.
Commemorations, 24 oct:
Daniel Webster Has died Daniel Webster.
William CowperSfantul Augustin de HiponaOgden NashJack KerouacSfantul Anton De LisabonaAlexander PopeJean JaurèsPeter FalkAgnes RepplierGeorge Virgil StoenescuWilliam PennStephen Robert IrwinIon PillatFranz KafkaGabriel Dimisianu

Guillaume Victor Émile Augier

Guillaume Victor Émile Augier

Biography Guillaume Victor Émile Augier (1820 - 1999)

French poet and dramatist

Was born on 17 sep 1820.
Died on 25 oct 1889, at 69 years old.
Origin country România
Quotes by Guillaume Victor Émile Augier

He is known especially for the satirical writings against the bourgeoisie.
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