George Toma Maiorescu (Toma Meyer)

George Toma Maiorescu

Biography George Toma Maiorescu (1928)

Romanian poet and novelist

Also known as: Toma Meyer.
Was born on 08 dec 1928.
Origin country România

He graduated the Faculty of Letters and Philosophy University of Bucharest and Literaturni Institut from Moscow. He posses the tile of Doctor in Humane Letters, Doctor Honoris Causa.


Editor of Contemporanul Magazine, 1954-1971
Deputy Editor-in-Chief of Romania Pitoreasca Magazine, 1971- 1982
Present Director of ECO Magazine, Ecosophia, President of the Romanian Ecological Movement; President of The European Foundation for Ecological Education and Culture, 1990

He is an active member of the New York Academy of Sciences, member of the Academie Internationale du Tourisme, Monaco, honor member of the Academy of Ecology, Romania.



A Trip Through Time, 1956
The Place where Cosmonauts Return, 1962
Barefoot Gods, 1966
A Dialogue with the Century, Volume I 1967, Volume II 1972
0, 17 Operation, 1972
Wandering About the Meridians, 1976
Journal of the Passion, 1975
A Romantic Invitation, 1983
Good Night, Sagittarius!, 1989


Contemporary Rhythms, 1960
Daniela's Eyes, 1963
Steps Upon Waters, 1966
Crucified Time, 1969
The Killer and the Flower, 1970
The Island with Mauve Orchids, 1973
The Blue Rider, 1975
An Autumnal Equinox, 1977
The Girls in the Square of the End, 1980
Alone with Angel, 1982
Break Between Words, 1984
Poems, 1985
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