Franz Liszt

Franz Liszt

Biography Franz Liszt (1811 - 1886)

Hungarian composer and pianist

Was born on 22 oct 1811.
Died on 31 jul 1886, at 74 years old.
Origin country Hungary
Quotes by Franz Liszt

Liszt became renowned throughout Europe during the 19th century for his great skill as a performer. He was said by his contemporaries to have been the most technically advanced pianist of his age and perhaps the greatest pianist of all time.
He was also an important and influential composer, a notable piano teacher, a conductor who contributed significantly to the modern development of the art, and a benefactor to other composers and performers, notably Richard Wagner, Hector Berlioz, Camille Saint-Saëns, Edvard Grieg and Alexander Borodin.
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Quotes Franz Liszt

Franz Liszt

Life is only a long and bitter suicide, and faith alone...

Quote by Franz Liszt about life, bitter, sacrifice, faith
Franz Liszt

Sorrowful and great is the artist's destiny.

Quote by Franz Liszt about art, destiny, artists
Franz Liszt

The public is always good.

Quote by Franz Liszt about opinion, public, good, good luck
Franz Liszt

A person of any mental quality has ideas of his own. This...

Quote by Franz Liszt about idea, common sense, quality, sense, people