Elena Gronov-Marinescu

Biography Elena Gronov-Marinescu (1944)

Romanian poet, novelist and essayist

Was born on 28 feb 1944.
Origin country România

She graduated from the Faculty of Romanian Language and Literature from the University of Bucharest in 1966. She begins her activity publishing lyrics in the pages of literature magazine Luceafarul, in 1967. The first prose volume is published in 1970, the monograph of Michael Saulescu.


Michael Saulescu, 1970
Love the country, 1974
Retrieval, 1975
At the gates of the world, 1977
At Porolissum, Bucharest, 1978
Unsaid price of the days, 1978
On the shore of dream, 1979
Waiting, Bucharest, 1980
The sleep of freesia, 1981
Appeal to memory, 1982
Mirrors, Bucharest, 1983
Late autumn, 1984
Late hours of hope, 1987
Heaven went down to earth, 1988
The scream of the sea, Bucharest, 1992
Between life and death, 1992
Beyond the truth, 1993
The price of lucidity, 1996
The interview, 1998
Stan Carmen, 29/08/2021

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