Edna O'Brien

Edna O'Brien

Biography Edna O'Brien (1930)

Irish novelist

Was born on 15 dec 1930.
Origin country Ireland
Quotes by Edna O'Brien
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Quotes Edna O'Brien

Edna O'Brien

I have some women friends but I prefer men, don't trust...

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Quote by Edna O'Brien about friendship, competition
Edna O'Brien

In every question and every remark tossed back and forth...

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Quote by Edna O'Brien about opinion, question
Edna O'Brien

Countries are either mothers or fathers, and engender the...

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Quote by Edna O'Brien about country
Edna O'Brien

Writers really live in the mind and in hotels of the soul.

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Quote by Edna O'Brien about mind, writers, soul

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