Doru Davidovici

Doru Davidovici

Biography Doru Davidovici (1945 - 1989)

Romanian writer and aviator

Was born on 06 aug 1945.
Died on 20 apr 1989, at 43 years old.
Origin country România
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Doru Davidovici became one of the most loved Romanian fiction writers in the 1980s. During the communist years, his books gave an unusual sense of liberty and new horizons by describing the experience of flying, and the closeness it forged - both between pilots, and between pilots and their machines. The plane is seen by Davidovici not simply as a machine that enables one to fly but as an actual character, with its own personality and almost with its own soul.

His work is influenced by writers like Ray Bradbury, Radu Tudoran and Bertolt Brecht.


The Horses of Voronet, 1974

The Colour of the Sky, 1981

Silver Wings, 1983

Rise and Walk, 1989
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Quotes Doru Davidovici

Doru Davidovici

There must be, for God, something stable, where you can...

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Doru Davidovici

Unthinkable thought, but that does mean that it doesn't...

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Doru Davidovici

You know... I do not think I want to be very down to earth.

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Doru Davidovici

Always will be someone who only see the things form...

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