Camil Petrescu

Camil Petrescu

Biography Camil Petrescu (1894-1957)

Romanian novelist

Was born on 22 apr 1894.
Died on 14 may 1957, at 63 years old.
Origin country România
Quotes by Camil Petrescu

Was a Romanian playwright, novelist and philosopher.
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Quotes Camil Petrescu

Camil Petrescu

Recognizing half of the worth means the same thing with...

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Quote by Camil Petrescu about merit, thing
Camil Petrescu

The great wisdom is to choose your friends that will not...

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Quote by Camil Petrescu about friendship, cop force, wisdom
Camil Petrescu

There is not in the whole wide world a road fuller of...

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Quote by Camil Petrescu about woman, emotions, soul, world

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