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Celebrations, 16 feb:
Henry B. Adams Was born Henry B. Adams.
Stela Brie Was born Stela Brie.
Was born Ilie Constantin.
Mihail Gramescu Was born Mihail Gramescu.
Ion Milos Was born Ion Milos.
Rodica Soreanu Was born Rodica Soreanu.
Commemorations, 16 feb:
Giosue Carducci Has died Giosue Carducci.
John W. Gardner Has died John W. Gardner.
Has died Victor Kernbach.
Charles Cotton Has died Charles Cotton.
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Antonio Porchia

Antonio Porchia

Biography Antonio Porchia (1885 - 1968)

Italian poet

Was born on 13 nov 1885.
Died on 09 nov 1968, at 82 years old.
Origin country Italy
Quotes by Antonio Porchia

He has been a cult author for a number of figures of contemporary literature like André Breton, Jorge Luis Borges, Roberto Juarroz and Henry Miller.
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