Alexandru Musina

Alexandru Musina

Biography Alexandru Musina (1954)

Romanian poet and essayist

Was born on 01 jul 1954.
Origin country România
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104 Castle Street, 1984
The things I have seen, 1992
No.3, Mimozei Alley, 1993
Sunday's album, 1994
Tea, 1997
Animals are human too!, 2000
Chosen poems, 2003
The king of morning, 2009


Where is poetry?
Essay on modern poetry, 1997
Survival through fiction, 2005
Cultural and folklorical anthropology
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Quotes Alexandru Musina

Alexandru Musina

Speaking about poetry you never know if you will write...

Quote by Alexandru Musina about poetry
Alexandru Musina

The small gifts Small gifts of air and tired light, Of a...

Quote by Alexandru Musina about gifts, air, light, brain, god, dream, fall, things, eyes, body