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Raymond Chandler Was born Raymond Chandler.
Was born Ion Cuceu.
Was born Adrian Georgescu.
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Marcel ProustGérald de NervalBenvenuto CelliniBrian De PalmaAgatha ChristieGellu NaumVissarion BelinskyIrving WallaceRomain GaryDavid OgilvyFriedrich SchlegelGustav FechnerEpictetAntonie cel MareAmos Bronson Alcott

Aime Cesaire

Aime Cesaire

Biography Aime Cesaire (1913)

French writer and statesman

Was born on 12 jun 1913.
Died on 17 apr 2008, at 94 years old.
Origin country Martinique
Quotes by Aime Cesaire

Aimé Fernand David Césaire was a French Martinican poet,author and politician.
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