The hieroglyph

Poems by Nichita Stănescu about Solitude, Blind, Silence, Night, Light, Day

The hieroglyph

What loneliness
to find no meaning
when there is a meaning

And what loneliness
to be blind in the full light of day,
and deaf, what loneliness,
amidst the swelling of a song

But not to understand
when there is no meaning,
and to be blind in the middle of the night,
and deaf when silence is complete,
oh, loneliness within loneliness!
Poems by Nichita Stănescu about solitude, blind, silence, night, light, day.

Nichita Stănescu 1933 - 1983, romanian poet

Was born on: 31 mar 1933.
Died on 13 dec 1983, at 50 years old.

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