Events of the day 10 January

Celebrations 10 January

Grigore Moisil1906:

Was born Grigore Moisil.

Philip Levine1928:

Was born Philip Levine.


Was born Irina-Adriana Andone.

Dan Damaschin1951:

Was born Dan Damaschin.

Ion Iuga1940:

Was born Ion Iuga.


Was born Otilia Nicolescu.

Ioana Parvulescu1960:

Was born Ioana Parvulescu.


Was born Ioan Serebreanu.

Valeriu Braniste1869:

Was born Valeriu Braniste.

Commemorations 10 January

Sinclair Lewis1951:

Has died Sinclair Lewis.

Coco Chanel1971:

Has died Coco Chanel.

Joseph Chénier1811:

Has died Joseph Chénier.


Has died Tudor George.

Gabriela Mistral1957:

Has died Gabriela Mistral.

David Bowie2016:

Has died David Bowie.