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Celebrations, 18 dec:
Brad Pitt Was born Brad Pitt.
Steven Spielberg Was born Steven Spielberg.
Saki Was born Saki.
Was born Marioara Baba.
Was born Vasile Matiut.
Was born Carmen Musat.
Was born Alina Nelega.
Was born Ricarda Terschak.
Lyman Abbott Was born Lyman Abbott.
Commemorations, 18 dec:
Philip Freneau Has died Philip Freneau.
Samuel Rogers Has died Samuel Rogers.
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Quotes about Human by Joseph Addison

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Joseph Addison, English Writer

Joseph Addison
Was born on 01 may 1672. Died on 17 jun 1719, at 47 years old.
Origin country: United Kingdom

A man must be both stupid and uncharitable who believes...

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Quote by Joseph Addison about Human