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Celebrations, 16 jul:
Dimitrie Anghel Was born Dimitrie Anghel.
Was born Sergiu Adam.
Was born Lora Bostan.
Was born Alexandru Calais.
Virgil Tanase Was born Virgil Tanase.
Was born Stan Velea.
Was born Ion Velican.
Pierre Benoit Was born Pierre Benoit.
Commemorations, 16 jul:
Eugen Lovinescu Has died Eugen Lovinescu.
Hilaire Belloc Has died Hilaire Belloc.
Carol Shields Has died Carol Shields.
Elizabeth TaylorAlexandru LaszloNicolae BalcescuAndrew JacksonSharon OsbourneLuminita ZahariaAntonio PorchiaGary SiniseNicolae FilimonMichael FaradayDonatien Alphonse François de SadeJohn GalsworthyHesiodSheilah Graham WestbrookMikhail Lermontov

Quotes about Childhood by Paul Louis Lampert

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The objects from childhood's house are becomming in time...

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Quote by Paul Louis Lampert about Childhood