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Celebrations, 22 jun:
Giuseppe Mazzini Was born Giuseppe Mazzini.
Was born Oltea Alexandru.
Was born Geoge Banu.
Was born Constantin Calin.
Was born Bucur Demetrian.
Was born Lidia Istrati.
Was born Bianca Marcovici.
Was born Mircea Palaghiu.
Was born Amelia Stanescu.
Was born Ion Talos.
Dan Brown Was born Dan Brown.
Commemorations, 22 jun:
George Carlin Has died George Carlin.
Fred Astaire Has died Fred Astaire.
Charles BukowskiPaul Bigelow SearsWill RogersGroucho MarxHumphrey BogartJean PiagetRobert Falcon ScottDanny DeVitoManuel MachadoNicolae EsinencuMartin LutherDiego RiveraPhillip AdamsMihail SadoveanuLorenzo de' Medici

Quotes by François de la Rochefoucauld about Bad luck

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François De La Rochefoucauld, French moralist and philosopher

François de la Rochefoucauld
Was born on 15 sep 1613. Died on 16 mar 1680, at 66 years old.
Origin country: France

In the misfortune of our best friends we always find...

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Quote by François de la Rochefoucauld about Bad luck