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8 spells and incantations british

Spell for Cleansing the body of Negative Energy The following tools will be needed: 1 White Candle – this is representative of positive energy 1 Black Candle – this is representative of negative...

Spells and incantations British about body, light, spirit, earth, mother, fire, fire brigade, water, mind, thing
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Simple Love Spell On your altar, or coffee table if you don’t have one, place one red candle and one white candle. Make sure you have a cauldron, or other fireproof container to which you’ve added...

Spells and incantations British about writing, man, name, love, love story, use, light, immortality, life, face
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Money Spells You can use either a green or a gold candle for this, the choice is up to you. Also needed is a piece of parchment, a pen with green ink, and a fireproof container. Some cinnamon,...

Spells and incantations British about money, magic, drawing, use, need, worry, body, air, good, good luck, light, thing, work, time, nothing
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Protection Spells This is mainly for your home, to keep out negative influences and people. Believe me when I say “people”. If you put enough energy and intent behind this spell, people who annoy...

Spells and incantations British about home, use, people, experience, house, pain, name, air, being, light, work, fire, fire brigade, good, good luck
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Traditional Wexford Curse May the grass grow at your door and the fox build his nest on your hearthstone. May the light fade from your eyes, so you never see what you love. May your own blood rise...

Spells and incantations British about blood, hell, sorrow, light, eyes, love, love story
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House protecting God, bless the world and all that is therein. God, bless my spouse and my children, God, bless the eye that is in my head, And bless, O God, the handling of my hand; What time I...

Spells and incantations British about god, lie, time, house, sleep, children, world
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Rune before prayer I am bending my knee In the eye of the Father who created me, In the eye of the Son who purchased me, In the eye of the Spirit who cleansed me, In friendship and affection....

Spells and incantations British about god, affection, spirit, grace, smile, friendship, light, wisdom, fear, night, need, world, time, love, love story, day
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Sleeping prayer I am placing my soul and my body On Thy sanctuary this night, O God, On Thy sanctuary, O Jesus Christ, On Thy sanctuary, O Spirit of perfect truth, The Three who would defend my...

Spells and incantations British about spirit, night, body, soul, art, power, truth, death, god
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