Riddles British about Life

1 riddles british about life

Luke had it before, Paul had it behind. Doctor Lowell had it before and behind, And twice as bad as before. Miss Gallager had it twice in the middle, Before she was married. Girls have it, Boys do...

Riddles British about life
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Celebrations, 25 jun:
Stelian Oancea Was born Stelian Oancea.
Rita Drumes Was born Rita Drumes.
George Orwell Was born George Orwell.
Radu Macrinici Was born Radu Macrinici.
Was born Paul Sarbu.
Commemorations, 25 jun:
Wilhelm Stekel Has died Wilhelm Stekel.
Aaliyah Has died Aaliyah.
Michael Jackson Has died Michael Jackson.
Has died John Marston.
Michel Foucault Has died Michel Foucault.