Money Spells You can use either a green or a gold candle...

Money Spells

You can use either a green or a gold candle for this, the choice is up to you. Also needed is a piece of parchment, a pen with green ink, and a fireproof container. Some cinnamon, clove, and nutmeg incense should be burning…don’t worry it smells amazing.
I found this spell to work best if I needed a specific amount of money.

Write down the amount that you need in green ink. Now, either draw a green box around it, or as I did, start tracing little swirls with the pen…like when you’re doodling. Keep moving the pen in little circles around and around the amount…it will become hypnotic after awhile. This is a good thing.
While drawing, chant something like:

Money for this bill I need,
Nothing more I have no greed.
Keep chanting and doodling until you feel like you’ve established some sort of connection, this is usually when you’ve put yourself in a sort of trance. It’s all good, don’t be afraid if you feel your body “humming”. When you’re ready, take the paper and light it from the candle, drop it into the container and wait till it stops.
Then take the ashes outside and cast them into the air saying:

This is my will So Mote it Be!

Within a week you should have results, if not, repeat once a week until results happen. Good magic takes time and practice.

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