Horse cure spell Phol (another name for Balder) and Odin...

Horse cure spell

Phol (another name for Balder) and Odin were riding together when the horse of Balder dislocates its foot . Odin is saying as a result: "Bone to bone, blood to blood, limb to limb, as if they were glued". There are some images dating from the 5th-6th century showing Odin healing a horse.


Odin is the chief god in Viking or Scandinavian mythology.He is a god of wisdom, war, battle and death. He is also attested as being a god of magic, poetry, prophecy, victory and the hunt.
Balder is Odin’s second son.
Freyja (Freya) is a major goddess in Germanic paganism, she is the goddess of love, beauty, and fertility. Blonde, blue-eyed, and beautiful, Freyja is described as the fairest of all goddesses and people prayed to her for happiness in love.

Phol and Odin
rode into the woods,
There Balder's foal
sprained its foot.
It was charmed by Sinthgunt,
(so did) her sister Sunna.
It was charmed by Frija,
(so did) her sister Volla.
It was charmed by Odin,
as he well knew how:
like blood-sprain,
Like limb-sprain:
Bone to bone,
blood to blood,
Limb to limb,
As though they were glued.

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