Proverbs and old sayings Guinea

4 proverbs and old sayings guinea

The man on his feet carries off the share of the man...

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Proverbs and old sayings Guinea

When you wait for tomorrow it never comes. When you don't...

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Proverbs and old sayings Guinea

Save your fowl before it stops flapping.

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Proverbs and old sayings Guinea

He who has done evil, expects evil.

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Proverbs and old sayings Guinea
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Celebrations, 19 apr:
Gustav Fechner Was born Gustav Fechner.
Sven Hassel Was born Sven Hassel.
Was born Patrel Berceanu.
Was born Gheorghe Olteanu.
Was born Maria Ana Tupan.
Was born Ion Taranu.
Was born G. Radu Teposu.
Was born Ileana Vrancea.
Calistrat Hogas Was born Calistrat Hogas.
Commemorations, 19 apr:
Charles Darwin Has died Charles Darwin.
Konrad Adenauer Has died Konrad Adenauer.
Octavio Paz Has died Octavio Paz.
Richard Price Has died Richard Price.
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