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Gentle Mary Laid Her Child Gentle Mary Laid Her Child Gentle Mary laid her Child Lowly in a manger; There He lay, the undefiled, To the world a Stranger. Such a Babe in such a place, Can he be the...

Carols British about children, glory, praise, name, night, earth, world, god
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Give Heed My Heart Give heed, my heart, lift up thine eyes! What is it in that manger lies? Who is the Child so young and fair? The bless d Christ Child lieth there. My heart for very joy doth...

Carols British about heart, children, glory, joy, silence, eyes, earth, god, man
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Glory be to God on High Glory be to God on high, God Whose glory fills the skies; Peace on earth to man forgiv n, Man, the well beloved of Heav n. Sovereign Father, heavenly King, Thee we now...

Carols British about god, glory, mercy, sin, world, art, pray, power, name, blood, man, peace, earth, love
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Go tell it to the Mountain Go tell it on the mountain, Over the hills and everywhere, Go tell it on the mountain, Our Jesus Christ is born. When I was a seeker I sought both night and day, I asked...

Carols British about city, help, night, day
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God from on High hath heard God from on high hath heard; Let sighs and sorrows cease; Lo! from the opening Heav n descends To man the promised Peace. Hark! through the silent night Angelic voices...

Carols British about god, speed, earth, teachers, children, art, clothes, faith, faith x, glory, peace, night, mother, love, man
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God is Love Come, let us all unite to sing: God is love! Let Heav n and earth their praises bring, God is love! Let every soul from sin awake, Let every heart sweet music make, And sing with us for...

Carols British about love, god, sin, earth, music, soul, spirit, help, blood, hope, day, sun, night, heart
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He Smiles Within His Cradle He smiles within his cradle, A babe with face to bright it beams most like a mirror Against a blaze of light: This babe so burning bright. This babe we now declare to...

Carols British about rocks, peace, eyes, light, heart, love, face
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Here Is Joy For Every Age Here is joy for every age, Every generation; Prince and peasant, chief and sage, Every tongue and nation: Every tongue and nation, Every rank and station Hath today...

Carols British about nation, joy, age, olderness, death, lie, being, earth, world, sin, god
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Hymn for Christmas Day See amid the winter's snow, Born for us on earth below, See the tender Lamb appears, Promised from eternal years. Chorus Hail, thou ever-blessed morn! Hail, redemption's...

Carols British about humility, sublime, earth, peace, light, night, world, children, love, day, face
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Let Earth and Heaven combine Let earth and heaven combine, Angels and men agree, To praise in songs divine The incarnate Deity, Our God contracted to a span, Incomprehensibly made Man. He laid His...

Carols British about god, grace, earth, love, human imperfections, human-nature, thinking, praise, day, glory, name, immortality, life, man, face
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He comes with Clouds Descending Lo! He comes with clouds descending, Once for favored sinners slain; Thousand thousand saints attending, Swell the triumph of His train: Hallelujah! Hallelujah! God...

Carols British about judgment, creation, earth, god, hate, body, glory, air, spirit, power, day, home, man
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Love Came Down at Christmas Love came down at Christmas, Love all lovely, love divine; Love was born at Christmas, Star and angels gave the sign. Worship we the Godhead, Love incarnate, love...

Carols British about love, gifts, god
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Maker Of The Sun And Moon The Maker of the sun and moon, The Maker of our earth, Lo! late in time, a fairer boon, Himself is brought to birth! How blest was all creation then, When God so gave...

Carols British about human imperfections, human-nature, moon, sun, creation, earth, world, love, faith, faith x, peace, light, death, sin, time, god, man
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O Holy Night O holy night! The stars are brightly shining, It is the night of the dear Saviour's birth. Long lay the world in sin and error pining. Till He appeared and the Spirit felt its worth. A...

Carols British about night, praise, glory, world, power, name, weakness, error, stars, love, faith, faith x, law, spirit, joy, hope, peace, need, light, fall, sin
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O Remember Adams fall Remember, O thou man, O thou man, O thou man, Remember O thou man, Thy time is spent. Remember, O thou man, How thou cams't to me then, And I did what I can, Therefore repent....

Carols British about man, god, fall, sin, hell, promise, present, time, peace, heart, good, good luck, day
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Praise the Saviour All ye Nations Praise the Saviour, all ye nations, Praise Him, all ye hosts above; Shout, with joyful acclamation, His divine, victorious love; Be His kingdom now promoted, Let...

Carols British about praise, grace, fame, love, word, nothing, earth, world
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The Angels Song Now let us sing the Angel's song That rang so sweet and clear, When heav'nly light and music fell On earthly eye and ear; To Him we sing, our Saviour King, Who always deigns to...

Carols British about glory, peace, earth, god, guilt, light, grace, music, smile, gifts, truth, death, love, good, good luck, face
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The Manger Throne Like silver lamps in a distant shrine, The stars are sparkling bright The bells of the city of God ring out, For the Son of Mary is born to-night. The gloom is past And the morn...

Carols British about night, city, stars, god, light, past, faith, faith x, air, peace, earth, world, love
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The Race that Long in Darkness pined The race that long in darkness pined, Have seen a glorious Light; The people dwell in day, who dwelt In death s surrounding night. To hail Thy rise, Thou better...

Carols British about treasure, peace, justice, power, name, hope, day, sun, light, night, death, earth, home, children, end, nation
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To us a Child of Royal Birth To us a Child of royal birth, Heir of the promises, is given; The Invisible appears on earth, The Son of man, the God of heaven. A Saviour born, in love supreme He...

Carols British about earth, children, grace, god, faith, faith x, spirit, joy, power, sky, nation, love, man
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