A long skirt wraps around the leg, a long tongue wraps...

A long skirt wraps around the leg, a long tongue wraps around the head.
Altay proverbs

Proverbs and old sayings

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Proverbs and old sayings similar

Keep watch for the appearing mushroom.

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Proverbs and old sayings

A watched pot/kettle never boils

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Proverbs and old sayings

Don't expect. Inspect.

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Proverbs and old sayings

Eating while seated makes one of large size; eating while standing makes one strong.

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Proverbs and old sayings
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Celebrations, 17 jul:
Phyllis Diller Was born Phyllis Diller.
Isaac Watts Was born Isaac Watts.
Was born George Almosnino.
Was born Sorin Comorosan.
Was born Daniel Dimitriu.
Commemorations, 17 jul:
Edward A. Murphy Has died Edward A. Murphy.
Adam Smith Has died Adam Smith.
Dizzy Dean Has died Dizzy Dean.
Hector Malot Has died Hector Malot.
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The anger of the prudent never shows. (Proverbs and old sayings)
It's like catching 2 eels at a time. (Proverbs and old sayings)